The Chairmanship

A day is coming when the arising of the Lord is going to be bestowed on a particular person called Kingsford Obiri Yeboah. He will be the Greatest King the world has ever seen. With the holy-spirit of the Lord he will operate with flair and vigor. Tremendous will his Name by the Power of the Holy-Ghost, and with his drive and dedication to the World he will be distingished as the Perfect leader the world has ever set their eyes on. With his Christain background he will lead many deligations in this world, whereby he will use the word of God as his important tool in governing the World.We will then have peace in this World of ours, Oneness will reign, intimacy will be endowed upon the world, and the sentiments of Christ will be seen in Mankind for the World to have Joy Happiness and Laughter. This will be the Greatest Victory the World has ever seen through the Governance of One Man Called Kingsford Obiri Yeboah.


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