More Investor Emphasis on a Repeatable Customer Acquisition Process

David Cummings on Startups

Over the past month I’ve talked with several entrepreneurs that are trying to raise money for their startup. Often, there’s some initial success from a couple friends or a rich uncle that will put in $25,000 or $50,000, and then, when talking to angel investors, there’s not much luck. The challenge: angel investors are requiring that entrepreneurs have the start of a repeatable customer acquisition process in place. No longer is having a product with a handful of paying customers enough. Now, more investors need to see how acquiring the first 50 customers is going to translate into acquiring the next 500 customers.

Here are a few thoughts on investors requiring a repeatable customer acquisition process:

  • Entrepreneurs that only have a product, or a product with a limited number of customers, are going to have an increasingly difficult time raising money (it’s already hard to raise money)
  • More entrepreneurs are going to realize…

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