The Chronicles Vlog Extras: That One Time The Odyssey Competed At Redline Time Attack

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So yeah, this really happened. Okay, back story; Yuta Akaishi is a regular competitor in the Redline Time Attack series. He drives a Civic in the Street FWD category but his car is currently going through a rebuild. Ryan Der and I (Stickydiljoe) decided to go check out RLTA Round 1 and Yuta decided to tag along. Noticing that there weren’t many people competing that day and he had a chance to earn some points in the Street FWD class, he asked if he could drive my Odyssey. All he had to do was complete a few laps and register a lap time to earn points. I’m a good friend and wasn’t going to deny him that opportunity, so I obliged. The rest is history…REDLINE TIME ATTACK HISTORY…haha…watch the video and see for yourself…

Huge thanks to Redline Time Attack for allowing this to happen.!!

*I am not a…

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