Analytics 101: Metrics Overview

If you are a one-person company or even part of a small team, then you could be under the impression that using analytics on your ecommerce website is a drain on one of your most-valuable resources: your time. But the reality is, investing your time to understand and maximize your results is one of the best ways to understand how your business works.

Analytics 101 Image 1

Metrics Overview

If you can’t measure something in your business, then it doesn’t exist. If you can’t prove something is not working, you can’t fix it. And, if you can’t prove something is working, you can’t take credit for it.

Data and analytics run the business world and it will be in your best interest to understand what you are looking to understand. Let’s cover off on some of the key metrics and ways to measure them in your social commerce and ecommerce campaigns.

Demographic Data (Investment)

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