Google AdWords: Does it Really Work?

Browntape Blog

Although Google today is conquering our lives through the digital revolution, its initial success is owed to its introduction of an ingenious and original marketing tactic – Google AdWords. The idea was simple. Google owned the most powerful and comprehensive search engine algorithm available on the Internet. The question was how to monetize it.

Google AdWords displays advertisements with keywords relevant to the search queries that a user feeds into the engine. The advertiser pays Google for every click on the advertisement link. Although this sounds pretty simple, AdWords generated so much revenue for Google that it is arguably the key to Google’s success today. In fact, Google makes more than $100 million per day through Adwords.

But does AdWords really work for the advertiser? From personal experience, many of us can say that we tend to neglect the ads that crop up in our search pages. But Google’s AdWord…

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