Someone is Telling You Something

The Journey, Thoughts of a Young Man in a Shrouded World

As we drift through this mystery we call life, often times we end up feeling lost. Lost in our endless search for purpose, for meaning, for something to give so that we may feel like our life was worth something. So we trudge on, day after day, year by year, hoping for this great thing to smack us in the face….waiting for our shot at greatness. As a product of our culture, we oftentimes think that if we make enough money or attain a certain status, we will feel as though we matter….as though our lives have some “worth” now. Sadly, this comes with a unforeseen package….that we really have missed the mark.

I am a firm believer in free will….that we choose our path….that it is not predetermined. But, often times we fly right by signs that in hindsight seem plain as day. These signs however, do not have…

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