Flames, Jets wins keep pressure on Kings in West playoff race


[nbcsports_video src=http://vplayer.nbcsports.com/p/BxmELC/nbcsports_embed/select/qateGCBrhnHJ?autoPlay=true width=620 height=349]

If the Los Angeles Kings were hoping to catch a break on Thursday while they were idle, then the night finished for them in disappointment. The Winnipeg Jets earned a 2-1 shootout victory over the St. Louis Blues while the Calgary Flames cruised to a 4-1 win against the Philadelphia Flyers.

That combination of events left Los Angeles once again on the outside looking in. For the Kings, there are potentially two different ways they could make the playoffs thanks to the fact that the Pacific Division has been comparatively weak. The Flames currently hold the third Pacific Division seed with a 39-27-5 record while Winnipeg’s 36-23-12 record is good enough for the second Wild Card seed.

Los Angeles is two points behind Winnipeg and a point shy of Calgary and under the current set of circumstances, only need to surpass one of those squads…

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