Renewed emphasis on low-carb eating

Later On

My weight crept up, and when I read this post at, I realized why: I have fallen into eating more carbs. I like the Picadillo recipe, but I did realize how intensely carb-heavy raisins are—and I get too many raisins in a portion. As he points out in the post:


And my latest HbA1C was not 5.7% as it has been, but 6.0%: pre-diabetic. (Got the lab report today.) That is probably due to a combination of more carbs and more weight. So now I’m watching it.

If I’m honest, it wasn’t just the raisins in the picadillo. There were also a number (in two digits) of chocolate truffles over the past few weeks, dessert when we ate dinner in a restaurant—plus the bread at the restaurant and in a sandwich… I’m sure if I had been tracking my food I would find plenty of carbs sneaking in.


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